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The Mistakes are a 5 piece punk rock band from Poole, Dorset. They are represented by their own record label NBQ Records and are known for playing quality punk rock and roll with a ska influence. It's energetic, fast-paced, searing shout-along music that's as much a call to arms as it is an acerbic kick to the head - reminiscent of The Clash, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Anti-Flag and The Swinging Utters whilst also managing to sound completely unique. 







Dorset Punks Debut Album 9/10

Spearheading a south-coast punk scene revival through their ‘Never Be Quiet’ gig promoting collective/label, this exhilarating live act have followed up their first two self-financed fantastic EPs with an album to delight any lover of lustfully played, riotous riffage fuelled and in-yer-face attitude street punk. Artfully arranged songs, skilfully soaking up the various eras of punk, The Mistakes exude every impressive aspect associated with the genre; powerful catchy guitar, pounding drums, bellicose bass underpinning singalong vocals, a tsunami of wit, sarcasm, defiance and devilment. Be it the provincial rabble rousing of ‘Seaside Resort Town’, the political putdowns on the insanely catchy-chorused ‘Democracy’, class commentary of ‘Underdogs’ and ‘Quitters Get Nothing’, contentious debate through ‘Arguments With Vegans’ or the anti-Trump tirade on skankish ‘Dias Los Errores’, these zeitgeist-zapping songs seize your shell-likes, entice you to dance and make you think, make no mistake! - Viva le rock

THE MISTAKES - A Headfull of Damage (*A Review*)

The Mistakes

return with their second full length album. 'A Headful of Damage' and what an album it is....Like Rancid on Ritalin, or a collision between Culture Shock/Citizen Fish and Cock Sparrer. The Mistakes kick up a storm of ska'd up call to arms Punk Rock. Singalong and footapping rythms, machine gun drums and slashing guitars pound and pump into yer brain. This is full on and frantic catchy, shouty thought provoking tunefull and theatrical stuff; 'Crossroads' is a musical drama about selling souls to the devil or doing deals with their dads. Charlie Harper from the UK Subs and his Harmonica make an appearance on opening track 'Form Square' and he adds some extra vocals on 'Don't Push Me' Since their mighty fine debut album 'Anti Social Media' The Mistakes have evolved and matured as a band, this is a confident record, passionate, powerful and positive, big bold

and brash thanks to the great production and musicianship throughout. Out late Jan early Feb, and it'll be well worth yer Pounds'n'Pence!- Nuzz prowlin' wolf

Ross Sutcliffe- Vocals

Shane Creech - Guitar 

James Gould - Lead Guitar

Angus SIMPSON - Bass

Lewis Willoughby - Drums 

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