Ladies and Gentlemen...MERRY CHRISTMAS! Due to recently selling out of every copy of Anti-Social Media ever made (yeah, 500 copies, "big whoop" we hear you shout) and demand for the Upstarts and Heretics LP on CD we have decided to do something a little special. We're releasing the "Anti Social Media - Deluxe edition" just in time for Xmas. Mainly because we needed to, but also because we have an upcoming time in Europe to fund. The deluxe edition contains the original ASM album in full and the 8 tracks that were recorded in Candy Bomber studios, Berlin, with Moses Schnieder and Ingo Strauss that don't appear on ASM. 20 tracks in total rounding up a pretty good account of everything we've done so far before we head into the studio in January 2020 to record the next full length LP. £10 per CD plus £2 postage.

upstarts and heretics available in hmv!!!